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Chin up. Shoulders back. Get it.

Rags to Bitches is where female entrepreneurs come for transparent talk and straight-shooter support on the struggles and successes of upward mobility.

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Hustle. Humor. Candor. Cussing.

Entrepreneurship is liberating and exciting, just like the hype says. (Pants-free days and working ten feet from the coffeemaker can’t be beat.)

That’s not all it is: Being the HBIC can be lonely, daunting, crazymaking, and downright terrifying in turns. Hell, sometimes all at once.

It seems like nobody wants to have an ongoing conversation about the fears, frustrations, and challenges that come with being the bosslady … much less how to stare them down on the days you don’t even want to get out of bed.

Enter Brianna and Jett. We’re here to sling some savvy about turning your panic moments into power plays.


Through the magic of the internets, we found one another in 2010ish and have gotten along like a house on fire ever since. We’re both veteran digital business owners who look to one another for frank opinions, moral support, and darkish humor. We do a lot of random texting, cussing, laughing, information-sharing, and a little whining.

In late 2017, while we were each having a particularly brutal year, we started discussing why we couldn’t find conversations like the ones we were having, aimed at people like us, anywhere in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Then we got super-stoked: “If it doesn’t exist, let’s build it. We need to document it all somewhere. It’ll help so many people.”


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Cumulative years of entrepreneur feels


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Pounds of Costco layer cake on stressdays

Join us in the Trust Tree.

We’re demystifying the dark side of going from rags to being total bad bitches by bringing these conversations to light. (Riches — personal, professional, and financial — implied.)

The two of us are briskly building a closed community of like-minded badasses to hang out with and take part in these discussions. Rags to Bitches is about unflinchingly sharing what we’re learning and thinking and stressing about as we develop our businesses so that you don’t feel so adrift. We’re excited to help you grow in a fun and supportive way … but we’ll tell you when to get over yourself, too.

Become part of those numbers above: The jokes, the feels, the support, and the cake await you.

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